About Us

The Cresca Group is a charmingly quirky business management consultancy founded in Atlanta in 2010. We create and implement growth strategies for online retailers by crafting a unique and consistent brand image, leveraging social media tools, improving market reach and conversion and developing back-end systems to simplify and streamline processes. We can help you manage almost any aspect of a complex and growing business like customer service, fulfillment and inventory forecasting. With a unique understanding of branding, technology, marketing and communications - and how to exact competitive advantages when these elements are in harmony - our team partners with its clients to help them push themselves and their businesses to the next level.


Provide a suite of business management, strategy, technology, and consulting services to clients engaged in ecommerce


Innovate, revolutionize, and inspire the world of ecommerce through exceptional service, continual learning, and cutting-edge technology.

Learn, Grow and Share

Wisdom and experience are our ultimate competitive advantages, while our constant pursuit of learning leads to never-ending improvement. It is in spreading our knowledge to others, so that they too may develop, that all Crescateers derive so much joy.

Engage Through Passion

We are highly engaged with every aspect of our work because of the passion we feel for improving businesses, the economy and the world. Each of us has a stake in this future, and so we are inspired by the difference we can make.

Quality Leads Success

Before every achievement comes from work well done. No matter the deliverable, our culture of quality ensures that every success is earned. By harnessing this discipline and dedication, we are driven to outperform ourselves every day.

Love Thy Customer

We exist to make our clients' and customers' lives better, and everything we do serves this end goal. It is in understanding and fulfilling others' true needs that we can deliver what we promise.

Push Yourself

The one common characteristic of all Crescateers is that motivation comes from within each of them. We challenge ourselves to do better, take smart risks and foster constructive discontent with the status quo, and it is in this internal drive that we push ourselves, our company and our clients.

Stay Quirky

Our environment, culture and team are designed to bring out the best and most unique elements of every person because we believe that it is in our diversity that we are strongest together, do the best work and have the most fun. And if you're not having fun, pause and ask what you're doing it for.