The Challenge

After three decades of becoming one of the best corporate restructuring and turnaround professionals in the industry, our client wanted to take his brand and business to the next level. He retained the Cresca Group to develop a marketing strategy that not only reached his existing clients to reinforce his brand and keep him top of mind, but also connect with the kinds of clients that would grow his existing practice.

Our Solution

By establishing him publicly as the go-to person in his field and creating a brand persona to match, Cresca worked closely with him to establish a blog, create social media profiles, secure speaking engagement opportunities and outline the development of a book.

The Results

The combination of those elements and their adept execution within the larger marketing strategy transformed the opportunity and sales process of his work and professional services. After the publication of his book, Cresca established an online sales portal and payment solutions, as well as warehousing and fulfillment through its logistics partners to facilitate distribution.