The Challenge

A ten-year old non-profit organization needed an overhaul of its strategic direction in order to discern what it - and its passionate constituents and membership - wanted to accomplish. With so many voices and so much enthusiasm, the organization was challenged to understand what it really wanted to do and how it was going to do it.

Our Solution

The Cresca Group got involved in order to bring clarity where there was chaos. By meeting with leadership and membership, Cresca allowed the organization to re-imagine its mission and vision and properly articulate its core values. From there, a full process of strategic development ensued. The first step was understanding the strategic objectives of the organization, and only after were we able to focus on the strategic initiatives - the specific projects and efforts - that would best drive those objectives.

The Results

With metrics in place to measure future success and a map to guide its ongoing work, this organization found its purpose again. Cresca continues to provide them with ongoing marketing and support.