Developer (PHP, MySQL)

Position Details

We don’t believe you need to be a Senior Developer to find a great job. In fact, we prefer mid-level or junior developers who are eager and able to learn quickly and believe in promoting within.

Our developers primarily work remotely, so verbose communication with the team is a critical every day task. Your enthusiasm and ability to to collaborate with other developers is your greatest asset on this team; not your previous work.

Crucial Characteristics of the Right Candidate

  • Have experience with PHP 7, OOP, MVC, Templating, PSR, and definitely xDebug
  • Have experience with MySQL Server 5.7, writing complex routines, including JSON
  • Able to work with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and create beautiful UX/UI
  • Know how to use code analysis tools (phpcs, phpmd, linter, etc.)
  • Understand behavioral and integration testing, use of Codeception
  • Understand “develop first, then write code”
  • Have experience writing technical documentation. Able to communicate clearly in written English
  • Confidently mastered Git command line and understand continuous deployment
  • Bonus: Have experience with Atlassian tools (JIRA Agile/Software, BitBucket)
  • Bonus: Have experience with Vagrant private networks (multi-VM per host)
  • Bonus: Have experience with AWS VPC, load balancing, auto-scaling, clustering